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Kevin Starr
Kevin Starr was born  in Gastonia, North Carolina on August 30, 1960. At 7 he began studying to become a pianist. In high school he studied with Sister Cecelia of Belmont Abby College, whom he held in high regard, stating "If ever in my life I had one teacher and one great influence, it was Cecelia."  He entered college to study piano performance under the tutelage of Dr. Paul Tardif.  In his early 20's Starr abandonded a music career and began pursuing an interest in the creative field of hairstyling and cosmetic make-up. He soon expanded his professional interest to become a creative business owner of his own salon and spa. After 15 years of a highly successful career, and meeting many artists from the School of Art and Design in Savannah, he discovered other creative methods such as painting and photography. His first series, images of  narrative fashion, won instant attention and exhibits and are among his most recognized early photographs. Mr. Starr has developed his artistic sensibilities in many mediums including painting, mixed media, sculpture, and photography. Through his voluminous personal collection of art books he has studied artists and art history, developing his own unique perspective, and inspiring him in his personal art collecting. His art work is influenced by experience, his continued study of the piano, and the curiosity of human nature. His art is exhibited in galleries nationwide, included in fine art books,  and photographs printed in international magazines.
Steve Chellis
Education: MFA Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts 2007-2009
BFA University of South Carolina 1999-2009
Academic Awards and Honors: MFA Trust Fellowship Award 2009
International School of Painting Umbria, Italy 2003
Life Scholarship 2000
Larry Connatser
Although born in Birmingham, Alabama, Larry Connatser was raised in Atlanta,
Georgia, which he considered his hometown. He took his degree in literature
and philosophy at Vanderbilt University in 1961. Shortly afterwards he began,
as a self taught artist, painting in Chicago in 1962. Returning south in 1971,
Larry moved to Savannah where he maintained a residence - even after 1984,
when the artist’s career and interests took him back to Atlanta, till the end of
his life in 1996.
A prolific artist, (2500 paintings) he lived primarily by selling work from his
studio-home. Larry Connatser’s paintings are represented in regional museums,
public buildings, corporate, and private art collections. The Morris Museum of Art
in Augusta, Georgia, is the repository of the Larry Connaster estate including
hundreds of paintings, papers and ephemera.
Lewis St. Louis
St. Lewis' artistic precociousness was noticed early on and he was enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Program at Western Carolina University at age 12. He attended Stanford University as well as the North Carolina School of the Arts where he was chosen for a special fine arts curriculum. The works of Louis St. Lewis are included in several notable museum collections, among them are The Ogden Museum for Southern Art, The New Orleans Museum of Art, The Morris Museum of Southern Art, The Masur Museum of Art, The Ackland Art Museum at the University of North Carolina and the Wellington B. Gray Gallery of Eastern Carolina University.. He has been praised by legendary artists Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana and Judy Chicago and is represented in a bevy of notable private collections both here and abroad.

Louis St. Lewis has been the subject of over 100 stories in all media from print, film to internet. His artworks have been seen or reviewed in countless publications including ARTFORUM, ARTPAPERS, THE SUN, THE NEW YORK TIMES, as well as a plethora of regional publications.
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Keith Cardwell
It seems to me that I have been preparing all my life to make photographs of the Cuban experience. I have the language. I know how to make pictures, and Cuba provides me with the voice. The very essence, the core of this work, lies in the loss that will inevitably occur when Fidel Castro dies. His dreams have become reality on this magical island, and at best the photographs oscillate between reality and mystery - in short, Cubana (book published in hardcover 2005).

Solo shows:
Flamenco and recent work, Plaza del Armas, Havana Cuba
Flamenco Dancers. Café Metropole. Savannah. GA
Sidcup Cowboys, West Bank Gallery, Savannah. GA
Race Against Time, Hales Gallery, London
East Enders, Greenwich Festival, London
China photographs, Neal Street, London
Ilford Gallery, Colour work, 1986/90
Ilford Gallery, Black and White work, 1986/90
Celebrations, China photographs, Citizen's Gallery London
Ireland photographs, Gallery on the Heath, London
Derek Goddard
532 West 25th Street, New York City   New York  10001
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